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Benjamin Densmore has always been passionate about fitness. He used that passion and became an in-person personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness from 2014 to 2018. In each of his 5 years at 24 Hour Fitness, he was recognized as the top corporate sales representative for new client sales.

In 2019 applied his sales success as a personal trainer to move into tech sales. His sales success followed him and he became the number one Account Executive from 2019 to 2022. After being impacted by downsizing in early 2022, Benjamin found himself struggling to find a new tech sales role. After some soul searching, he realized how much he missed the satisfaction he received helping people reach their potential via personal training.

After researching online fitness coaching, Benjamin saw a perfect opportunity to help others while pursuing his long-held desire to start a new business venture. Having worked remotely in tech sales for three years, he understood firsthand the struggles that many remote workers faced working long hours, experiencing low energy levels and the lack of motivation to pursue a healthy lifestyle. With that knowledge, he leveraged his experience as a personal trainer and the tools he used in tech sales to put in place a global program to guide client’s step by step to reach their physical fitness and weight goals. This is accomplished by following his time tested, easy to follow personally tailored eating and exercise plans and supported by coaching via remote tools to track their daily progress.

With his firsthand knowledge of obstacles faced by remote workers, Benjamin set out on a mission – one which leveraged his passion for personal training while offering his services on a global scale through online coaching.

Benjamin has already been instrumental in the transformation of the minds and bodies of 450 men he’s coached and helped melt 20 lbs of fat in under 90 days, and he’s on a mission to help even more!

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